Good Things Come To Those Who Wait…


Over 3 months have passed since my last post, and I left it up in the over what I was going to do with the S class…

Well, to put it bluntly, nothing happened. I’ve whacked on another 4,000 miles, gone over the next service interval and the MOT is due in 2 weeks. Looks like it’s going to be an expensive August! All this along with a house move and holiday down in Devon, last month equals a very broke and sad James. It’s time like these I wish I had more common sense, more brains and less heart when it comes to any kind of major decision.

I have spent a lot of time looking into sensible replacements, and by “sensible”, I mean a turbo charged 4 cylinder or similar, not a hybrid or anything like that. (Although I am going to testing a Nissan Leaf next week, but more on that when the test is over!)

The issue here is, every time I decide to go down the smart road, I get bored, impatient and almost immediately I regret my choices and I start to look elsewhere. I spend a lot of time trawling for new cars in all the various places, but it always goes the same way… I start off searching for a Mini Cooper S, or a Clubman S, or even a nice diesel E class and then the hunger kicks in. The hunger for more power, more cylinders and far fewer miles per gallon. The next thing I know, the letters AMG and M and RS start appearing in the free text area of the search engine… I guess I am just destined to be broke and very familiar with the local petrol station.

My latest wants are the later supercharged 5.5ltr AMG cars like the SL55, the S55 and the CLS55. I drove a CLS63 a few years ago at MB World, Brooklands, and it was a blast. I know it’s not the same, but it the interior and general feel of the CLS was great. (Although all of these feel small compared to the S) My only real reservations with these cars are that they are all from an era where MB might not have been making the best cars in the world… snapping pulley belts, dodgy electrics and body work issues were just the tip of the iceberg when these cars were new. I should know, my 2003 W215 CL500 had plenty of these niggles! But again, I just don’t care. Every car has it’s horror stories, and the CL had plenty but I still loved it every time I turned the key and that big 5 litre V8 started to rumble (Admittedly with the help of nice and burbley custom exhaust which apparently I am not allowed to have again… Apparently it wasn’t the stealthiest of cars to leave for work in in the early hours of the morning.) The feeling you get when you put your foot down is indescribable. I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to have driven a fair few very fast cars, and even though they are all a bit different, and they some of them are better than others, they all leave with me with the same boyish smile on my face that diesel “rep-mobile” just cannot replicate. Now obviously, I am not a supercar owner, in fact I am not even close but with my determination and drive, I hope to one day have that boyish ear to ear grin on my face every day…

Here’s hoping the plans I have for my future come into action. In the mean time, I will be driving some very different cars over the next few days, and I will be talking about all of them!


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