A New Addition to the Family


About 2 months ago, I decided that I no longer needed the Discovery so I put it up for sale. It was a decision I didn’t really want to make, but it had been getting a bit of interest on the forums and little things kept happening to the car that suggested maybe it would be a good idea to just walk away from this one. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) the car never sold. It got more interest and I had a few people give it a good sniff but no one ever turned up with the cash and as a result she is still very much mine. I am actually really happy about this, as even though the thought of a new car is always exciting and car shopping is probably my favourite hobby next to writing about them, I actually really love this car. For all its flaws, of which it has a few too many to talk about right now, it is a great car. Big, comfy, outstanding off road and I personally love the look of it.

The biggest issue I had with selling the Discovery was trying to work out what I would replace it with. In theory the replacement would probably have to be newer, more economical, more reliable but still be a respectable car for someone who spends their whole life talking about their love and passion for cars. This is a rather tall order, and my choices seemed to change day by day, depending on what event I had just been to or what the weather was like… I managed to shortlist it down to just two cars – a 2003 Mercedes CLK55 AMG and a 2006 Porsche 987 Boxster – I clearly had my very sensible hat on that day. With this in mind, it was probably a good thing I could not sell the Discovery as neither of those really fit in to the economical and reliable boxes (apart from the Porsche’s surprisingly good stats) and both are in fact older than the D3.

So what now? I still want some change. I have been toying with the idea of buying a cheap second car for a while now, something with only two seats and no roof to play around with this summer, take off the road in the winter and possibly either restore or modify for a potential Le Mans re-visit next summer. The list of possible culprits is short due to cost – I can’t really go out and buy myself a nice low mileage 986 Boxster and justify running the Land Rover as well. Fortunately for me, a good friend of mine owns what I consider to be the perfect option, and to make matters even better, he has just replaced it and needs to shift the old one! With this in mind, I was straight on the phone to him as soon as I found out about the new arrival.

There were several things that made this particular car appeal to me, the first being that I know Rob looks after it. I know he only uses genuine parts, he only takes it to well known garages and I know he loves it. Why else would he replace it with an almost identical model… Secondly, it has been with him and his family for a quite a while so it is likely to have been ripped around a Tesco car park late at night or be fitted with dodgy eBay coilovers and “stanced”. It also helps that he is not far down the road from me.

So what is the super cheap, super fun little summertime runabout that I will hopefully be picking up in the coming weeks? It is of course, the brilliant Mk1 Mazda MX-5. The actual car in question is a BRG Eunos Roadster with a tan interior and I cannot wait to get cracking with it!

As mentioned before, the initial plan is to get it insured and have some fun. Rob has been very honest with me about the condition of the car so I will probably go and take it to a bodyshop I know to start putting together some quotes for the lacquer peel and a few other areas that need attention, and then I can start working on my plans for next year! The original plan was to create a kind of cheesy homage to classic motorsport – with the base colour being British Racing Green, it is perfectly set up for some Lotus colours and decals, but the more I think about it the more I am leaning more towards just sorting out the few bodywork issues there are, upgrading a few parts and just enjoying the hell out of it and then if Le Mans comes around next year and I want to have a bit more fun, then I’ll address it all then.

I’ll more detail on the car soon, as I should be picking it up in a couple of weeks. I have a lot on in the next month or so including Silverstone Classic and the arrival of two Jaguars that need new homes but I will try and keep the progress up to date on here.

I will also be adding some more proper content soon covering Goodwood Festival of Speed where I got to drive the BMW M2 on the classic Goodwood Racing Circuit before going over to the festival, some road tests of a few more Porsches and also coverage of Heveningham Hall Concours D’elegance. It will all be up soon, I am just battling with the day job at the moment.