What’s Going On? – A Quick Update


As it’s been a couple of months since my last blog post, I thought I would post a quick explaining what is going on with Well Driven – what has happened in the last few months, changes to the garage and what’s planned for the coming months…

First up, the past – if you follow Well Driven on social media (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter) you will already know about the changes to my garage. For those who don’t here is a quick rundown of what has happened.

Somewhere in Middle-Spain with some stunning scenery

All the Jags have now gone. In the past 12 months, I have had 3 (I was looking after 2 and bought 1 for myself) but the time came to return the XKR to its owner down in Spain. After a few weeks of planning, I loaded up the car and headed down to Portsmouth to board a ferry over to Santander and then hit the road for 1000kms or so to deliver the car to my parents over in Vera. The ferry ride was awful and I suffered some major seasickness, but other than that, the car performed as it should have and it got me down there with no hassle or issues whatsoever. There is actually a video of the journey on the *BRAND NEW* Well Driven YouTube page HERE. As I mentioned, I also bought an XJ8 for myself towards the end of last year on a bit of a whim after some late-night internet shopping. It was a bit of a punt but it actually turned out to be a great car. Super-low mileage, very few issues and an absolute dream to drive. However, given my current work and life circumstances, it just didn’t make sense to have 2 cars, especially when 1 of them had a very thirsty V8, so last month I bit the bullet and put it up for sale. Amazingly it went very quickly and I was more than happy with what I got for the car, but I do already miss it.

So now I am back to being a regular 1-car man, the trusty “Nipper” Eunos Roadster. Unfortunately this means that any kind of restoration work is on hold as I need to use it daily, but hopefully, things will perk up in the coming months and I can finally get it resprayed and start having some fun with modifications etc…

Gone, but definitely not forgotten…

Secondly, the present – you may have already noticed a brand-spanky-new page on the site and some new reviews with the “Well Driven Approved” heading. This is a new avenue we are going down with Well Driven. I will continue to attend events and road test cars, it’s just another part of the site we decided to set up over the new year and I am really excited about it. If you head over to the page (Clicky-clicky!) you’ll see that we have set up a new way of selling your car by not only taking away the stressful and time-consuming work needed but we also feature your car on the site by means of a full road test and review. We can also do a video if it’s what you want!

For more info on the Well Driven Approved services, please just drop us an email to enquiries@welldriven.eu or call us on the number at the bottom of the page.

And finally, the future… Over the past few years I have had some amazing opportunities to get behind the wheel of some great cars, everything from Caterhams to Porsches and as much as I love writing about them, I think it’s time to step it up a notch, so with that in mind, I have set up a new YouTube page and over the coming months I should be getting more new content on there. There are some really cool projects and cars coming up very soon, and hopefully, I’ll get to share my experiences with everyone not only with my written reviews but with video as well!

Back down to one – hopefully new paint isn’t too far away!

There will be daily updates on all the cars I drive and events I go to on my social media pages, so please do follow if you don’t already, and if you are interested in having your car or event featured on Well Driven, please get in touch!