Time For An Update – UK Blog Awards 2019


As some of you may remember, Well Driven was shortlisted for an award at the end of last year for the Automotive category of the UK Blog Awards along with 7 other fantastic blogs.

Well, after months of putting it in the back of my mind trying not to get all worked up about it all, the day had arrived. On Friday, April 12th at 6:30 pm, the awards began. Thankfully, the announcements were in alphabetical order, meaning yours truly only had to wait for 1 other category to be announced before I could get over the loss, grab my dog and go for a nice long walk… except that isn’t exactly what went down…

…This site, this little collection of car-based ramblings, this little after-hours hobby, only bloody won!

To say I was utterly gobsmacked would be the understatement of the decade. All the finalists this year were of such a high caliber and all such lovely and friendly people too, to even be shortlisted alongside them made me hugely proud of this project, but to actually go and win it was an incredible thrill and I am truly grateful to every single person that visits the site or follows me on social media or chats to me in a car park when I’m in a test car as, without you, I would have jacked this in a long time ago. I love this site, and I love that people read it, but there have definitely been times in the last few years where I have thought about putting it to bed. It can be hugely difficult to juggle work, family, friends and the website but it’s the interactions from people and the support and encouragement of you all that pushes me to keep reaching out to manufacturers, keep visiting shows and most importantly, keep creating this content.

There is no way I would have ever thought this website would win any awards when I first started it up in a Premier Inn hotel room in Bristol, and I am hugely proud of where it has come to. I don’t know much about what happens next or where this will lead, but I hope this is just the start and I look forward to meeting more people in this amazing community and bringing everyone newer and better articles.

That’s all I have to say at the moment, but fear not, there will be some fresh reviews of some rather lovely cars coming very soon!

Thank you again for all the ongoing support, I really do hope this is just the beginning.

More info on the UK Blog Awards can be found HERE!