Summer Holiday Update – Where Have I Been and What Have I Been Up To?


As you can probably tell, it has been a few weeks since my last review or blog post – fear not, I have not forgotten about Well Driven or its readers. Over the last few weeks, I have been busy with my day job commitments and also busy enjoying some quality time with friends and family but there will be some new reviews coming very soon!

As said above, my day job will always have to take precedent and that does sometimes mean I can’t get to certain events or drive certain cars. This can sometimes be frustrating, however, that is just life. If I want to eat and keep a roof over my head, that’s just the way it needs to be. There will be some big news coming very soon with regards to my day job (and it will also be car related, which is super-exciting!) but all will have to be revealed in a few weeks.

You may have also noticed that there are more 3 Car Garage Podcast episodes popping up when I and the hugely talented Rick of Sprite Photography get the time. This started off as a bit of banter in the car on the way to Caffeine and Machine and now it seems to be quite well received, so expect more of these very soon!

So, what is currently in the pipeline? Well, recently I spent some time with the Ford EcoSport, and given that I loath crossovers, this was a bit of an eye-opener, so expect the full review of that to be up in a few weeks. I also had my annual pilgrimage to Heveningham Concours at Heveningham Hall to talk about and I also drove a few other cars over the summer that I think will make some good reading for some of you out there, so keep an eye out for them.