My Top 5 – Sunday Drivers


Whether it’s wafting down to the village shop to pick up the Sunday paper, or going for a spirited blast on some lesser-used B-roads, we all love a Sunday drive once in a while. Here is a list of 5 cars I’ve been thinking about a lot recently that should be suitable for whatever you want to get up to:

McLaren 570S Convertible

To start off the list we’re going straight in with the big guns – the track day weapon – the McLaren 570S Convertible. The McLaren 570S may *only* be the brand’s entry-level sports car, but with a 0-62mph of 3.2 seconds, this baby of the bunch has a hell of a lot to offer – on the road, it’s so incredibly civilized and comfier than just about any other car in its class but when you swap the Motorway for the race circuit, it turns from a well-behaved choir boy into one of the bad kids, smoking behind the bike sheds.

Bentley Arnage T

This one is for the more relaxed Sunday morning. With an incredibly sumptuous interior filled with quilted leather and walnut veneer, you could easily mistake your surroundings for the inside of a cigar lounge. however, the real party piece is under the bonnet in the form of a twin-turbocharged 6.75-litre V8, churning out 450bhp and 645lb-ft of torque. What started out as a quick and gentle waft to the local farm shop could easily turn in to a spirited blast to a similar shop 4 towns over…

Subaru WRX STI

This one is for all the people that like the “Avoid Motorways” option in their SatNav. Why drive 15 miles in a straight line, when you can drive 35 miles and zig-zag your way through the fine British countryside. The Subaru WRX STI is definitely not the only option out there with other AWD turbocharged small saloons/hatchbacks like the Audi S3, Ford Focus RS, and Golf R being of a similar spec and price, but out of that group, the Scooby is by far the best driver’s car (in my humble opinion). Everything felt so old-school and analogue when I spent a week with the Japanese homologation performance saloon. Every time I fired up the iconic Boxer engine, I just wanted to keep on driving through the stunning Cambridgeshire backroads.

Land Rover Defender (90/110)

As much as we all love going fast, sometimes the best fun you can have on 4 wheels is at 10 miles per hour. Back when I had my Land Rover Discovery 3, I used to love looking for alternative routes across the Fens. As good as the Disco was, it’s expensive running costs and constant electrical issues meant these weekend jollies were few and far between. The trusty Defender, however, is far more basic in terms of both its electronics and mechanical setup, making it a truly unflappable off-road warrior. Perfect for getting lost in the fields with.

Subaru Outback

This last choice is not exactly obvious, nor is it really about the “drive”, but more about the activity that follows. If you have a dog and work the normal 9-5, you know how difficult it can be to make sure our 4-legged-friends get the exercise they truly deserve during the week. This means that Sundays are the day best day to let man’s best friend stretch their little (or long) legs. The reason for this particular lifted wagon is it’s “go anywhere” ability that will let you drive deeper into the forest or countryside with its rugged off-road styling, raised suspension and permanent all-wheel-drive. I have driven and owned competitors like the Audi A6 Allroad and Volvo XC70 and as good as they both were, the Outback has the utility setup that will make you want to slip on your wellies and take your furry little companion on a little Sunday adventure!