Time For An Update – 2021 So Far


We may only be 3 weeks into 2021, but it’s already showing that yet again, it probably isn’t going to a normal year. But fear not, I am not going to fill this update with doom and gloom and tales of worry regarding the ongoing pandemic.

A lot has happened since my last update in October. A lot. In that last update I talked about how I was going to revive the Well Driven Approved service – and I have done exactly that. In October I teamed up with an old friend of mine who knows a hell of a lot more about the ca market than I do, and together we have listed over 40 cars on the WDA page and we’re steadily helping the private owners sell their cars and we have a lot more exciting stuff in the pipeline – we are currently aiming to have over 100 cars advertised through the service by the end of March. We’ve been lucky enough to market a wonderful variety of rare and classic cars and also modern supercars and 4x4s. Everything from mid-80s Ferraris to Range Rovers and Mercedes G-wagons.

It’s not just the WDA page that experiencing some serious change though, there’s also a garage update on its way in the next few weeks! The P38 has been a great car for me, and one I’ve wanted to own for years and to be completely honest, it’s been incredibly hassle-free. More than I expected! It had its annual MOT back in December and it may have not been a total disaster, but I still left my local Land Rover specialist a little lighter in the wallet than I originally planned. By that’s life sometimes, and since then, bar a bit of a battery issue due to it not being driven much, it’s been pretty calm. The problem is that cars like this don’t like to sit still for too long, especially not in the winter. They get cold, the batteries drain and they become troublesome. I’ve done 3,000 miles since I bought it back in Feb 2020, which is about 20% of what I normally do a year in my own car and I really feel that it just isn’t getting driven enough by me.

All this being said, I hadn’t actually made any plans to move the old boy on or replace him for at least a few months, but after a rather fortuitous meeting with someone who is hopefully going to help us out with Well Driven Approved, I ended up having a bit of a sniff around his workshop and came across something I’ve been looking for for quite some time. Needless to say, we had a chat, I went for a drive and the deal was done. I won’t actually be picking the new addition up for a few weeks as we agreed for me to sell my Range Rover first and I also have some new cars to review for the website over the next 3 weeks. All will be revealed mid-Feb!

A new Range Rover Sport HST is getting all my attention this week

As you can all expect, given the current situation, I very much doubt 2021 will be filled with the events I have covered in previous years, a lot like 2020. However, we have started off rather well with the arrival of a new Range Rover Sport HST this week that I will be reviewing in the next few weeks. I also had 2 more JLR cars on their way in February, which is always rather exciting!

That is just about it for now, but as I said above, there are some very exciting things in the pipeline both for Well Driven and some other work I will be doing with some other sites in the next few months. There will also, hopefully, be some much needed changes to the website coming soon.

In the meantime, please can keep an eye on the social media channels to see what’s going on and to also see what amazing stock we have arriving on the Well Driven Approved page almost daily at the moment!