£54 995
Make Tesla

Additional features

  • 17" Touchscreen
  • 1 Owner
  • Battery and Drivetrain 8 Year Warranty From Date of Registration
  • 2x Keys
  • 22" Onyx Black Alloy Wheels
  • Free Super Charging
  • USB Ports
  • Smart Air Suspension
  • Folding Mirrors
  • Auto Park
  • Ventilated Front Seats
  • Auto Front Doors
  • Auto Gullwing Rear Doors
  • Auto Tailgate
  • Blue Metallic Paint
  • Premium White Interior
  • Auto Lane Change
  • Auto Steer
  • Smart Summon
  • Auto Pilot 2 Enabled
  • Google Navigation
  • Fully Electric
  • Automatic Transmission
  • 6-Seater
  • All-Wheel-Drive
  • 90D Dual Motor
  • 51000 Miles

2017 Tesla Model X 90D Dual Motor Auto

  • stock # 041

Tesla first came on the scene back in 2005 with their Roadster model, basically a Lotus Elise body with an electric motor, but like all things first of their kind, it wasn’t exactly a huge success. Its combination of poor battery life lack of practical space meant that it was hardly going to appeal to the masses. With this in mind, Tesla went back to the drawing board and decided to come up with a new strategy. There were already a few hybrid and small electric cars creeping their way on to the market, but there were no fully electric top-end, luxury cars. This was Tesla’s chance to make a name for themselves, a chance for them to wow the masses by building a zero-emission car that could out-drag most super saloons. And that’s exactly what they did with the Model S. The Model S came out in 2012 and it was met with great reviews. It had beautiful styling, a luxurious hand-stitched interior and acceleration numbers that left cars like the Mercedes S63 AMG for dead.

With the success of the Model S at the forefront of Tesla’s mind, they then set out to try and penetrate the fastest growing sector in the automotive trade – SUVs. More and more manufacturers are starting to focus their attention on the ever-expanding SUV market, so if Tesla really wants to make their mark in the car world, they needed to jump on the SUV bandwagon. Which they did with the absolute tech-fest that is the Model X.

Gullwing rear doors, a never-ending windscreen, a central display bigger than my TV, 6 seats, all-wheel drive and the ability to move from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.8 seconds… Elon Musk and his band of merry engineers have well and truly re-written the rule book on how to build an SUV.

This 2017 Model X is the 90D Dual Motor with all-wheel-drive, Google navigation, AutoPilot 2 enabled, Smart Summon, Auto Steer, Auto Lane Change and a whole load of other incredible features and is available now through Well Driven Approved.

Finance and warranty can be arranged on request.

If you are interested in purchasing this incredible Tesla or looking to arrange a viewing then please get in touch by calling 07388 328229.