The Duchess Has Gone…


I have badgered on about getting rid of my beloved S class for well over a year now, but I have always found an excuse to keep it and I have always questioned just how serious I really was about it. Well this time I was deadly serious, so serious in fact, that I even went and bought her replacement before she had even gone.

I decided it was time to say goodbye just before I moved in to my new house as it looked like the right time move on and *hopefully* save some money in the coming months. So far so good, but only time can really tell here.

The Mercedes was picked up about 3 weeks ago, just after I got back from my holiday with some friends in Lanzarote. It seemed quite apt that one of my last ever drives in the car was back from the airport at about 2am – the type of Private Hire taxi service the car was originally intended for. As my friends and girlfriend slept comfortably in the heated leather seats, I made the most of this potentially final drive and just soaked up the atmosphere the car creates inside at night with it’s dimly lit yellow  LEDs giving the interior a wonderful warm glow. It was the perfect drive to end things on as the roads were quiet and clear so I could enjoy its effortless acceleration and silent motorway cruising one lat time.

Since the car has gone I haven’t really missed it much (although that might all change while I write this) but that is probably due to the fact that I have been so busy I have not really had a chance to to even think about it. With the sale of the Ferrari taking up most of my personal life (more of this to come later) and my day job just being a bit manic right now, I have not had any time to reflect on anything else.

I am sure I will miss it soon and I may well regret getting rid of many times over as that is what always happens with me and cars. Out of the 20-odd cars I have owned in the last 12 years, I still miss and regret selling a large percentage of them.

I do not really know what is next on the list when it comes to another “proper” car purchase, as I have just picked up a very ordinary, very sensible and very grey Volvo V70XC estate for the time being. I am still changing my mind almost hourly between another exec saloon, a hot hatch, a big 4×4 or maybe even another GT coupe like my old CL500…

I am turning 30 in the new year, so let us see where that might take me!