The Jaguar XKR


Along with being tasked to sell the Jaguar XK, I also have the same challenge with a beautiful low mileage Jaguar XKR (X100). Unlike the X150 XK, this has a smaller 4.0 litre V8 but it is helped along with a supercharger giving it a power output of around 370bhp which pushes the car from 0-62mph in respectable 5.4 seconds (remember this is a 2001 model, and it was fast for the time!)

This particular car is in beautiful condition with only 29,000 miles from new and you can tell it has been loved and maintained with no expense spared when you see just how clean everything is. The engine bay, the interior, the exterior, it all looks as good as it did the day it rolled off the production line back in 2001. With its charcoal grey leather and special green walnut trim, the cabin area is wonderful place to be. Like its bigger sister, the XJ, luxury and comfort is everything inside. The leather is soft and the seats are supporting while the wooden trimmed steering wheel feels great in your hands as you turn through the bends. This car also benefits from Jaguar’s premium sound system and a Bluetooth phone system.


As you turn the key to start up its 4.0 litre heart, you hear a beautiful roar because this car is fitted with a custom exhaust system that gives it a warm and deep tone on idle, but as soon as you work your way up the revs, the sound just gets better and better. It sounds like all V8s should. Powerful but not so loud that it loses its refined and luxurious feel. It’s the same with the ride – the 20 inch BBS wheels are shod with low profile so you feel more of the road as you drive, but due to the way the suspension is set up, it doesn’t feel crashy or too firm. It is a real pleasure to drive and whether you’re just popping down to the shops or embarking on a 100 mile motorway trip, the Jaguar creates a certain sense of occasion that the likes of Mercedes and BMW can never replicate. Drive around town in a 2001 Mercedes SL and no-one bats an eyelid, but drive around in the XKR, with the roof down and you’ll be turning heads all day long.


I adore Jaguars, especially in coupe and convertible form. There’s just something so effortlessly pretty about them. Enzo Ferrari was once quoted describing the E-type as “the most beautiful car in the world” and Jaguar have strived to keep it that way with all their sports cars and even though the room can sometimes be divided with cars like the XJS and even this model, I still believe that everyone has a certain essence that keeps that Jaguar style alive.

The X100 is destined to become a classic with used values already starting to creep on many models, and with this one being the full-fat XKR version, twinned with its rare low mileage, it really is a very good looking investment purchase.

As stated in my previous article on the 2013 XK coupe, both these cars are currently for sale through me so please get in touch via the “Contact Well Driven” tab. This car comes with a full documented history, a fresh MOT, all the Jaguar XKR luxuries and mod-cons and is available for collection immediately.

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