As One Door Closes…


It’s been a while since I posted anything new on the site, and I can only apologise for the radio silence. One reason for this is because I have been away for a bit visiting my parents over in Spain for a little much-needed R and R. Another reason is that, in all honesty, I have struggled to find time to keep on top of everything. trying to sell some cars, update a website, test new cars and commit to a 40+ hour a week day job can get a bit much at times and where I usually just crack on with it, recently I have not been as productive as I would have liked to have been. Fortunately, this can all change now for a variety of reasons.

Both the Jaguars are sorted now, not sold, but sorted – the XKR is going to auction at the Classic Car Auctions (Link here) December sale on 02/12/17 at The Warwickshire Exhibition Centre and the XK is now in the hands of the guys over at Oakleaf Automotive (Link here) in Bishop’s Stortford. The Discovery 3 is almost pretty much sold as well, I am just waiting for the buyer to come and pick it up next weekend. There will also be some big changes to the website coming soon which will also include a lot more content.

With regards to the Land Rover, I have decided that as much as I love it, it is time to go. I sat down with my better half and we looked through what comes in compared to what goes out and a huge portion of what goes out stems from the Discovery. We are a young couple with no children, no dogs and no need for a car of this size. I used all 7 seats for the very first time last week and they will probably never need to be used again by me. It just makes financial sense. It’s a real shame as I have loved owning and driving that car. It really is fantastic, and for all its little faults and niggles, it makes up for with its uncompromising ability. I have driven all over the country in the Discovery, both on and off road and it has never failed to deliver but the time is right for me to let someone enjoy it.

So what’s next… well, not a lot straight away, I have been thinking about several different replacements and driven a few potentials over the last few weeks and to be honest, I just don’t know which one I want the most at the moment, so instead I am going to live with just the Eunos for a bit until I really know what I want. I am also being a bit more careful with my finances at the moment as I am putting more money into Well Driven and I don’t want to cripple myself just because I want another car. Hopefully, all this will be worth it, but only time will tell. I can’t really go into huge amounts of detail now, but I am sure you will all understand when the new site is revealed.

There will be new content coming in the next few days, in the form of at least one Jaguar F-Type review and hopefully some more site updates soon!

*NB: Just to add to the talk about updating the site, we are now looking for new content and site sponsors, so if you are a dealer, collector, car storage company, garage etc… and would like to be a sponsor of Well Driven or featured, please do get in touch via the Contact Me page to discuss things in more detail.