Well Driven’s New Look and more…


As I’m sure you have all noticed, there have been some big changes here at Well Driven. Not only has the website been completely redesigned but there has also been a bit of rebranding going on. I hope you all agree that it looks a lot better now and a lot more polished.

The original website was built and put together myself just using a WordPress template and it was fine but with the help from a very talented web designer (I say “help”, he did the whole thing, I just got in the way every now and then!) I feel I now have a much stronger looking site which is hopefully easier to navigate through as well.

The man behind all this is a very talented and patient man called George Dent – I’ll leave his contact info below!

George has been a huge help over the last few months getting this all looking exactly how I wanted it, if not better. He walked me through the whole process and kept me up to date with everything that was going on and answered all my queries n good time and made sure I knew exactly what was going on right up the go-live day and has continued to be available if I have any other issues or questions. I can’t recommend his services enough and I will definitely be using him a lot more in the future!

If you’re looking to create a new website, or need any creative design advice or work doing, George is your man. You can hold me to that.

On the back of all this rebranding, there is a limited run of stickers that I want to give out anyone who wants to help me get the Well Driven website and brand out there. They will be in 2 different sizes, Large and Small (Large are about 30cm X 15cm and Small are about 15cm X 7cm) and they come in Green, Black and white. If you fancy showing your support by donning one of these very limited run stickers, please just drop me a DM via my Instagram or use the email address in the contact section with your size and colour preference along with your address. These are completely free and if you send over some pics once they’re fitted I’ll get them up on the Instagram page!

For stickers – get my contact details HERE

For George Dent – Creative Designer – Click HERE