Last In, First Out…


We’re now a month into 2018 and a lot has already happened in the background to make this year the biggest yet for Well Driven with the diary filling up with lots of exciting events and road tests. This is all great news and I am really excited to keep bringing you fresh content and new stories and reviews and more information on this will be put up as and when it happens.

In the meantime, I think it’s time for a little update on my personal car situation. If you follow me on my social media outlets like Twitter and Instagram¬†you will have probably seen that I am thinking about selling at least one of the cars. The silver Jaguar XKR is going back its owner over in Spain in a few weeks time and that will leave me with the Eunos Roadster and the Jaguar XJ Sport but to be honest, I just don’t have the time, space or money to run both. I love the XJ and even though it was a bit of an impulse purchase and I really wasn’t sure about it at the time, it’s been great. It’s a dream to drive, it’s wonderfully comfortable and that V8 is still as strong and smooth now as it was when it was built back in 1998. The issue with it is that it’s just a bit too thirsty and unfortunately it looks like it’s going to be a “last in, first out” situation here. The Eunos is also a truly brilliant car, but to make it sellable, it needs a lot of work as the car is still in desperate need of a full respray and also a bit of interior work and it’s probably also due a bit of engine TLC, whereas the Jag has had all the work done, the paint is straight, it was serviced less than 2000 miles ago and everything works.

Wonky number plate included with sale!

I am going to miss the Jag an awful lot, and I will almost definitely regret the sale as soon as I hand the keys over to its new owner, but that’s always the way. I can only think of a very small handful of cars I’ve sold in the past that I don’t often think about or would consider buying again. I wish things were different, I wish I had more storage space, more time to work on all the cars, more money to get them all up to standard, but yet again my big stupid brain is taking over and telling my heart to take the back seat for a few months. Hopefully, this will encourage me to pull my finger out and get the Eunos resprayed and looking fresh and also to start to focus on new goals, new cars and new adventures.

Going back to a one-car man could be worse!

There will be a full advert for the Jaguar going up on here and also on all my social media outlets in the next couple of weeks and it will also be advertised elsewhere, so if you are interested or know of someone who is, please pass on my details and get in touch. The car really is a beaut with incredibly low mileage considering its age. I just want it to go to a good home, to someone who loves these big old barges as much as I do.