Well Driven Approved – Jaguar XF-S Luxury Premium


In a world of black and grey German executive saloons, this brilliant white Jaguar XF-S stands out from the crowd in more ways than 1.

Back in 2007 Jaguar caused a stir when they replaced the tired and unloved S-Type with the stylish, modern and tech-laden XF. All of a sudden they were a major threat to the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi. This threat increased as the XF started to get great press regarding the fit and finish of the XF and also the drive and even more importantly, the reliability. Jaguar has always had an image problem when it comes to their cars breaking down but this was all on the turn with the new mid-sized executive cat.

This particular XF is a 2014 face-lift model with the 3.0 turbocharged diesel V6 which produces a punchy 271bhp and 443lb-ft of torque meaning it’s no slouch off the mark. 0-62mph in the Jag takes 5.9 seconds and it will go all the way to an electronically limited 155mph. Now 5.9 seconds isn’t sportscar fast, but for a comfy exec saloon, it’s not bad at all, and because it’s a Jaaaaag, it’s all done in a really comfy and stylish way.

This 2014 model has the full XF-RS body kit

The thing I have always loved about Jaguars is the way they feel when you sit in them and the way they deliver their power. Unlike the competitors, that in my opinion, all feel very clinical but functional, Jaguars have the extra level of luxury about them from the driver’s seat, they just make you feel a little more special – and that can be in literally any Jag, whether it’s a £900 XJ or a brand new F-Type, and that sense of class isn’t lost in the XF. Also, unlike the competition, it feels fast. When you bury your foot in the carpet you get an instant surge of power and the car charges forwards and it even sounds good despite the diesel engine. With it being a face-lift model, it also benefits from the silky-smooth 8-speed ZF automatic transmission that effortlessly changes through the gears as you accelerate away. You have the option of steering wheel-mounted paddles for when you’re feeling a bit more “racy” and again, the downshifts are smooth like butter.

Another huge bonus for this particular car is that diesel engine, as unlike every other Jaguar I have ever driven in the past, this one not only feels good, looks great and shifts like a sports car, but it also returns a very respectable 47mpg… When I drove our 2001 XKR down to the south of Spain last month, I got an average of 16mpg over 1,000 miles of motorway driving! So it seems that this XF-S is the best of both worlds, and to be completely honest, I think it is. The 5-Series and E-Class saloons are both very good cars and great choices but everyone already knows that and you can tell when you turn up to any office as the car parks are literally littered with German exec-saloons, but the Jag is that little bit cooler. It has a kind of bad-boy image due to the brand’s notoriety over the years as the Gangster’s choice of getaway car.

Rotating air vents drive selector are a few of the cool touches inside the XF

Inside the car, you have these sumptuous but supportive duo-tone leather seats and you are surrounded by crisp silver aluminium and polished piano black trim, it’s all very modern, but it’s when you press the starter button that everything comes to life. A small piece of theatre begins right before your eyes as the rotary drive selector rises from the centre console and the air in the dashboard swivel round to great you. Over the top? Maybe… Cool? Definitely! The XF has the same infotainment system that the Jaguar XK I drove last year had (read about it here) which basically controls everything from the satellite navigation to the heated and ventilated front seats through the touchscreen. It works and is intuitive enough but I’m still a fan of good old-fashioned knobs and buttons.

I have a lot of time for this XF-S, I have not been the most positive person about diesel cars in the past given the choice, I’d probably favour the faster, thirstier and all around more impractical 5.0 V8 if I had the choice, however, that is probably the best reason to choose this one. If you’re looking for a fast, comfortable, reliable, economical 4-door executive saloon and you don’t want to look like everybody else in the gym car park, then this XF-S really is the best option and there is no better option out at the moment than this example. A low mileage XF-S Premium Luxury with the full XF-RS body kit and buckets of other extras available through our Well Driven Approved page.

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