Stories About Cars – Scott’s Ford Focus ST225


Stories About Cars is a new series for Well Driven where we ask people what their car means to them and what makes it special. Scott bought his Focus ST back in 2013 and since then has racked up a rather impressive parts and modifications list…

I came to want one when my best friend bought a 2010 black facelift ST. That 5 cylinder engine is just something of a great soundtrack which was a game-changer for me. I had an MG ZS (I know, hear me out) at the time which I also loved and kept well since I bought that 6 years prior. I’ve had a very enjoyable 7 years of ownership of the Focus now and bought so many bits for it, some you see and many you don’t. I know it’s only ever going to be a Focus but it’s been done to my taste. The Electric Orange paintwork is just stunning – especially in the sunlight with the pearl shining brightly through, which with the 5-cylinder engine keeps its appeal to me as I’m far from bored of it even after all this time owning it. It’s now at a healthy stage and has been very reliable with 400hp running a Mk2 Focus RS turbocharger, Stage 4 Autotech software with a fair bit of supporting modifications. I can’t help but keep looking for parts and things to improve the car in any way possible, but my bank account always keeps that at bay so it’s bit-by-bit.

If you’ve read this far thanks for reading and I’m always happy to talk more about anything you may want to know as I could go on to a much bigger story.

You can see all Scott’s updates with his Focus on his Instagram HERE